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Many patients who have special needs have difficulty in receiving dental treatment. These patients may be unable to cooperate with requirements to remain still for long periods of time, or may have other problems with dental procedures.

Our staff is trained in dealing with these difficulties, and are kind, gentle and caring in dealing with these patients. An excellent treatment alternative for disabled & special needs patients is Sleep Dentistry.

Patients with special needs include those who have:

Cardiac Issues
Cerebral Palsy
Dental Phobia
Down's Syndrome
& More
In the past, special needs patients who needed to go to sleep for their dental work had to have their dental procedures performed in a hospital setting where an anesthesiologist and the proper facilities were available. We have general anesthesia permits from the State of Florida attesting that our training and office facilities meet State requirements for the administration of General Anesthesia.
Anesthesia is administered by a combination of breathing mask and medications. As we give more medication, the patient goes through graduated states of relaxation. The patient can choose to have nitrous oxide only (commonly called laughing gas) for a very relaxed state. However, the patient is still awake and aware of their surroundings.

As we give medications, the patient becomes more relaxed where they may think they are sleeping but actually do not remember being awake. As we give more medication, the patient gently slips into a state of general anesthesia where they are completely asleep and totally unaware of their surroundings.
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